SKINS was established in the summer of 2021 in the midst of Covid lockdown. In the early days of our launch, we saw a large number of users who could relate to our ideology, who wanted a break from the fast everyday life. Take a breather, relax, and immerse in our comfort and aesthetics. It is a brand that reflects modernity, minimality, and style. The brand serves the modern man and woman who seek to be their authentic self, someone who looks for comfort while giving their absolute best working from home, someone who strives for freedom without compromising their natural attitude. SKINS is committed to producing top-quality, sleepwear and apparel that embodies our philosophy.

Brand Philosophy

Being a high-grade comfort wear brand, SKINS is inspired by classic tailoring from a designer perspective. Our signature elements range from plush fabrics, soft draping, and minimalist features. SKINS is designed for people who love themselves, desire comfort, and are passionate about luxury yet affordable things. Concise, smooth, and multi-layered elements, SKINS gives fashion a more dainty sense. Shift your focus away from the outside world and turn to your roots and embrace tranquility.

Product Development

Product planning trending designs have always been the top priority of SKINS brand, and we continue to enrich our product types. From sleepwear to comfortable everyday apparel, our R&D team constantly innovates to come up with designs and product types that our users desire. We offer exclusive products, our ideology revolves around innovation rather than offering redundant designs. We don’t restock but rather offer new and fresh designs to complement the original demeanor of our users.

Design Concept

SKINS brand has a very minimal yet elegant design concept, suitable for people of all shapes, reflecting comfort and freedom. Versatility at its finest, whether you’re staying at home or going out for a quick bite, giving you maximized comfort and easy wearability. Our colors and patterns are easy on the eye, it oozes luxury and gives an overall relaxing vibe. We use Morandi colors, which correspond to our brand’s high-quality clothing feel.

Fabric Craft

At SKINS, we spend months sourcing the highest quality fabrics. In order to attain top-quality status, you must have premium fabrics. Therefore, all our cashmere fabrics come from Mongolia, the world-famous cashmere producing area. Our eye for detail is what sets us apart from the rest. Our design and patterns are regularly updated to give you a more exclusive feel, you can never have enough sleepwear.